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On Encountering Maidenhair Ferns in the Porcupine Mountains

Forest Cathedral in the Porcupine Mountains, Lost Lake TrailWalking along the path to Lost Lake was like having an entire cathedral to yourself. Just you and the mosquitos partaking in the mystery of existence. For you, the utter beauty of the sugar maple leaves crowning overhead, the Indian Summer sun lighting each leaf like a piece of stained glass, the sapphire blue sky beyond lending whispers of an even deeper mystery. For the mosquitoes, the ancient sacrament of a blood feast, not a symbolic ritual on their part. As long as you kept walking, you could avoid much of their fervor. Continue reading

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Dried Berries in my Sketchbook

I found this little cluster of what I think are dried fox grapes on one of my hikes last week. It’s been hanging around whispering, “sketch me! sketch me!” and I finally got a chance to open up my sketchbook and have a some fun.
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