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Monday’s Muse: Paula Modersohn-Becker

Self Portrait, Paula Modersohn-BeckerSelf Portrait

Paula Modersohn-Becker died of an embolism in 1907 when she was thirty-one years old and eighteen days a mother. There is so much that is remarkable about her that it seems contradictory to begin with her death, and yet what she was able to accomplish in the short span of her life―all before women had the right to vote or could even manage their own money―underscores the depth of her passion, the scope of her creative vision, and the power of her character. That is what we begin with then, when introducing her.

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In the Sketchbook:

Dried Berries in my Sketchbook

I found this little cluster of what I think are dried fox grapes on one of my hikes last week. It’s been hanging around whispering, “sketch me! sketch me!” and I finally got a chance to open up my sketchbook and have a some fun.
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