The magic of hands describes my belief that our hands have the unique capacity
to transfer the energy of our hearts to something outside of ourselves:
a bowl of soup, a handmade hat, a painting of happy bluets.

It’s why humans make art.  It’s why art is good medicine.

On the Blog:

Is your dream worth dying for, and other questions inspired by youtube

Dreams of Flight

It’s Saturday morning and I’m having some quiet time. There’s nothing on the schedule until four this afternoon, so I’m up in my room with the door closed. I have already been interrupted about five hundred times. I have written one paragraph. Enter the kids. First, Zoë. She is in tears. Not angry tears, sad tears. Then Denali. His sister confuses him sometimes with her emotion. Right now he is confused. It’s all over this … Continue reading

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In the Sketchbook:

Rhododendron Blooming over Water

This little sketchbook drawing was a fun experiment in how to draw water. I am no pro when it comes to such things. But because this is just my sketchbook, and there’s no pressure, I just decided to have a little fun with it.

The original scene of inspiration is from across the road and is actually rhododendron blooming over the river, with rocks and a shore close at hand. That was more complex than I wanted to commit to, so I made the body of water a lake with a distant shore. Ah, the creative freedoms of the sketchbook!

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