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“Mourning Doves Nesting in a Cedar”

Stage Five of a Painting of Mourning Doves by Stephanie Thomas Berry

This week I’ve been challenging myself to complete paintings on a timeline of, oh, a day. It’s a big challenge because I am highly distractible and have a history of taking a looong time to finish a painting. I also have a nice collection of unfinished work.

So, yesterday I decided to set my timer for thirty minutes, and every thirty minutes I’d take a picture and post it to Instagram. read more…

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In the Sketchbook:

Dried Berries in my Sketchbook

I found this little cluster of what I think are dried fox grapes on one of my hikes last week. It’s been hanging around whispering, “sketch me! sketch me!” and I finally got a chance to open up my sketchbook and have a some fun.
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